Friday, March 11, 2011

Governor Scott Walker DICTATOR

Dictator Governor Scott Walker has said that he will sign the illegally voted on bill
into law as soon as possible.  This bill is nothing more than a major power grab.
It strips public unions of their ability to collectively bargain for things like decent wages,
decent working conditions, and other benefits like healthcare. It also allows for discrimination against LGBT individuals in this state. There
also will be major de-regulation of corporations and utilities.  No more consumer protections for anyone living here in this state either.   
It also gives Walker the absolute power to fire any and all current government workers, give away
Wisconsins publicly held utility companies, with no oversight or input into how the transfer takes place. 
It gets rid of the Public service commission which regulates nuclear and other forms of electrical power generation.
I believe Walker will be turning those utilities over to Koch Industries as soon as possible.
I also believe that almost all current workers at those facilities will be fired so that the Koch brothers can put their own untrained staff in place.
If you are one of the few who is not fired it will only be a temporary situation for you , as the Koch bothers will need someone at least temporarily to train their scab workers. 
Teachers may get spared until the end of the school year at which point Walker will likely fire all teachers,
social workers, janitors, bus drivers, and anyone else whom the governor believes he doesn't need to work for the state.
He will likely then turn over the schools over to corporate interests, who can then brain wash your children into believing that they are only worth a $5.00/hr wage.
I would suggest that anyone who lives within 30 miles of a nuclear power plant to move away, as there will likely be releases of nuclear material into the air and water until Koch industries can train their new employees.
Don't be surprised when your utility bill goes up 400% either as Koch Industries will
have a virtual monopoly on energy production and distribution in the state of Wisconsin.
Please help with the recall efforts to get rid of those republicans who voted for this illegal bill.  Operations are underway right now to recall 8 republican state senators and that needs to get expanded to include assembly men as well.

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