Friday, November 8, 2013

My ideals for a better society. Hope for the present and future political possibilities, as well as humanity as a whole.


I'm one of those keyboard jackhammers that representative Steve King (R-IA) was talking about and proud of it.  Here are the reasons why...

I'm for People not corporations.

I'm for a good quality education and higher learning that is accessible to all.

I'm for everyone having access to healthcare and to not go bankrupt because you wound up with a catastrophic illness or injury.

I'm for everyone having enough food to eat, a roof over their heads and heat in the winter.

I'm for work place safety and giving everyone who wants a job to have one.

I'm for clean air, and clean water and land that is not contaminated with harmful substances like tar sands bitumen.

I'm for fixing, improving and updating our crumbling infrastructure.

I'm for having our seniors and disabled citizenry to be able to not live in poverty. 

I'm for spending money on research to find new cures, new technological innovations and to have a greater understanding of the universe and the world we live on.

I'm for clean energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, and ocean wave power.  

I'm for giving citizens a living wage because if you work you shouldn't live in poverty.  

I'm for making sure children are well taken care of.  

I'm for teaching parenting skills and financial skills in high school.

I'm for allowing children to receive college credit for their classes if it an advanced class or having them take remote classes through colleges that offer it.  

I'm for publicly funded elections where anyone can run who wants to with no need for a giant bank account.  

I'm for bringing honesty back into news reporting and to allow journalist do do the investigative journalism they used to do without fear of reprisals or jail time.

I'm for re-instating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act so we could break up these mega banks and corporations that are dictating our laws and buying our elections

I'm for getting rid of all lobbyists and to allow individual citizens to write laws that the entire country can vote on and give their opinions on before it is taken up into being made a law.

I'm for allowing analysis in plain english of what a law is actually designed to do so that no one is duped by the false labels that many current laws possess, and to give the true costs and savings involved as far as can be determined.  

I'm for transparency in government.  If it was paid for with your tax dollars, you should have access.  

I'm for teaching parenting skills and financial skills in high school.

I'm for allowing children to receive college credit for their classes if it's an advanced class or having them take remote classes through colleges that offer it. 

I'm for publicly funded elections where anyone can run who wants to with no need for a giant bank account. 

I'm for giving every person who works a living wage until we can get rid of capitalism.

I'm for a resource based economy and to do away with the capitalistic system.

For those who don't know what a resource based economy might look like, I posted the following on my page Oct 13 2013: ----------------------------------------------- What does everyone think of this idea?
posted Oct 13 2013

The resource and knowledge based society

1. All humans get a small house to live in regardless of the capacity to work and think. 

2. All humans receive the nutrition they need to survive and thrive.

3. Money is no longer a needed commodity.

4. The more you contribute to the society the more you receive in honors, goods and services.

5. Jobs will no longer be indefinitely retained at the same place. 

6. Every human has the right to higher learning for free. 

7. Every human has the chance to be innovators without the need for income.

8. Robots will do most manual labor. 

9. Exploration and conservation of our environment becomes key in the happiness and survival of the human race. 

10. Energy is gleaned from sun, wind, ocean currants and wave action, harnessing the power in the magnetic field, and for space travel lightwave energy is harnessed.

11. Goods will be allocated based on when you signed up for a thing and the demand for such a thing. Bicycles are available for anyone to pick up and use in your home complex. Most people will be living in large spacious apartment complexes that come with all you should need including a fleet of cars and bicycles to get around with. No one owns them, they are for the use of all who live there. 

12. Every home will have an interactive interface that connects you to the net with a holographic display for connecting with people and information anywhere you go in your home. a separate device in the form of glasses with audio/visual interactive capabilities for when you not home if you want it. 

13. Transportation will be as easy as stepping into your vehicle, and telling it where you want to go. Based on distance the vehicle will decide whether to fly for long distances, use roadways for short distances, or a version of rail where your vehicle gets on a sort of Mag-Lev highway system. 

14. Since our world has finite for resources, the push to explore and seed other planets and galaxies takes off. 

15. A space station is built on the moon and asteroids are mined for the materials needed to build spaceships capable of carrying 100,000 people each. Each station will have it's own recycling water source and a hydroponics farm in which to grow everything needed to survive. The light wave has been harnessed to allow for light speed travel, as well as the gravity wave for slower speeds. This makes reaching other galaxies attainable within a few generations. The initial crew and supports total 8,000 people with the 100 k capacity to allow for the growth of population over time. Everyone on board will be cross trained on at least 10 different jobs based on their capacity to learn them. Gravity is achieved through both rotation and artificially induced gravity which will be increased overtime to both allow for healthy bones and muscles as well as prepare for the possibility of finding a habitable world with a higher gravity than earth's. 

16. Few real manual labor jobs remain and they are split up with the entire populace taking part to make things happen. For example lets say someone needs to ride on a garbage truck to keep an eye on what gets put out into the trash. Robots do most of the work but human eyes are still needed to make sure kids and animals don't get caught in the robotic arms. you may have to sign up for 5-10 hours per week for community service to do this job. There are no regular long work hours as there is a sign up to do certain things based on what it is you want for a good or service. So lets say you want the newest version of a piano for your own entertainment. You sign up to work at a factory to make this piano for your self and everyone else who is currently there who wants one. It could be as little as a few months assignment or as long as a 10 year assignment based or if you like doing this job or not. Most things can be made through 3 D printing but some assembly is required for those things that are created from different materials like it is for an instrument like a piano or guitar.

Buildings use extensive green technology and renewable resources.   Fluorescing anaerobic algae is housed in liquid filled columns that produce both hydrogen for heating and cooling as well as a soft light that allows for energy consumption reductions at night as no lights are needed to be able get around on the outer corridors of buildings. Windows serve as both an energy source as well as natural lighting. Opaque to clear solar cells are built into each window. also the heat from sunlight is converted into usable energy.


Do all these things make me a bad person?

  I doubt it.