Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My letter to Obama 02 09 2011

President Obama,
You keep proving by words and actions that you are no better than republicans when it comes to helping the poor and the middle class.  You, like your republican co-workers as well as the Democrat co-workers keep proving time and time again that you are not to be trusted.  98% of you in the federal government are bought and paid for by big business. Your love of office verses the greater good of the rest of the country takes a backseat to the promise of a better life for those of us who are not in the top 2% of income.  You & your colleagues keep taking kickbacks, which anywhere else in the United States would be called taking ILLEGAL BRIBES and EXTORTION. I thought you said you were going to clean up Washington DC, but instead you became part of the problem.  You are taking your marching orders from lobbyists instead of the will and needs of the American people.  MONEY IS ALL YOU PEOPLE ON CAPITAL HILL CARE ABOUT AND TO HELL WITH THE REST OF US WHO ACTUALLY PAY YOUR SALARIES!!!  SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!

As you can see I'm not happy with the president or nearly anyone else on Capital Hill.  Extortion and kickbacks are the normal way that Washington operates, and neither party is any better than the other one.  They have both proven their willingness to be steered by lobbyist into giving them what their big corporate donors want:  LOOPHOLES THAT ALLOW CORPORATIONS TO PAY LITTLE OR NO TAXES AND AN END TO REGULATIONS THAT PROTECT CONSUMERS, AND THE VULNERABLE OF OUR SOCIETY FROM BEING PREYED UPON BY THOSE SAME CORPORATIONS.

There are things that average Americans can do, but it will take a willingness to ACT, which is something most Americans are unwilling to do.  We can have demonstrations like they are having in Egypt in order to force our politicians to reform campaign finance laws and make it illegal for lobbyists to operate and bribe our elected officials.  We can also force them to RESCIND the right of corporations to BE COUNTED AND TREATED LIKE A HUMAN INSTEAD OF A  BUSINESS ENTITY.   Corporations keep believing, (and the law has allowed) that they should have the human right of free speech, which for them means, throwing as much money as they can at a campaigns in the form of issue ads, that don't have to tell the truth about any issue that they are trying to sway voters on.  Also it means being able to pay lobbyists to bribe our politicians with campaign donations in return for bills and laws that favor them instead of the overall well being of the American people.  I have found that most Americans are lazy when it comes to trying to find out an actual truth about an issue, and instead believe whatever their favorite party and ads tell them to believe. Most people are unwilling to take the time and effort needed, to make an actual informed decision, about any issue at hand.   

How do we change the American apathy?  I don't know.  I suspect however if the gap between the rich and poor gets much nwider that there will be a civil and social war that will make the original civil war look like nothing.  The few rich (and those that they can brainwash into believing that the rich actually help them) will be at war with the masses of poor i n this nation.  The difference will be numbers of the poor and middle class verses the best weaponry and well trained armys that money can buy.  I'm not sure who will win but I'm positive that America as a whole will lose in the long run unless we can equalize  pay and opportunities for the majority of the country.  There should not be such a gap in income, that is created in part by a tax code that favors the extremely wealthy over the rest of us.  The extremely wealthy, after al,l can pay lobbyists and politicians to tweek the tax code in their favor, while the rest of us are at the mercy of the whims of the rich and the politicians.

Republicans are proving time and time again that the only people that they care about are the very wealthy and the multi-national corporations that use tax havens and loopholes in tax code to not pay their fair share.
The Republicans have come out with their plan to take food out of the mouths of the poor, to take medicare out of the hands of those who need it most, eliminate a great potion of the pell grant and federal educational loan program, and get rid of any possibility for jobs for anyone who is currently unemployed as well as the safety nets that are supposed to help them.  

 The game is rigged and Americans had better wake up soon or they will find themselves with no social security,  no retirement, no worker safety(OSHA), an environment that is toxic(EPA), no safety of food or drugs(FDA), no product safety(CPSC),  no right to an education,  and no medical careamong other things.  All those things that I believe should be considered HUMAN RIGHTS will be reserved only for the wealthy and those who can afford such things.  No one wants to pay more in taxes, but in a free society, it is the price one pays for the programs and services that most people in the United States wants.  You must make a choice:
 DO YOU WANT:                                              pay more in taxes                     pay less in taxes

 FIRE FIGHTERS?                                             YES                                                   NO

 POLICE?                                                          YES                                                   NO

FOOD SAFETY ?                                             YES                                                   NO      

EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN?                     YES                                                  NO

SOCIAL SECURITY?                                       YES                                                  NO

MEDICARE?                                                     YES                                                  NO

MEDICAL RIGHTS FOR ALL?                        YES                                                 NO

HELP FOR THE POOR?                                   YES                                                 NO

HELP FOR VETERANS?                                  YES                                                 NO

A STRONG MILITARY?                                  YES                                                 NO

DRUG SAFETY?                                               YES                                                 NO

LICENSED (ie doctors, lawyers, etc)                  YES                                                NO

MINIMUM  STANDARDS APPLIED?            YES                                                NO

SHOULD EDUCATION BE A RIGHT?            YES                                               NO

CLOTHING BE A RIGHT?                                YES                                              NO

SHOULD CRIMINALS GO TO JAIL?              YES                                              NO

VIGILANTE JUSTICE?                                      NO                                              YES

LET HOMES BURN                                           NO                                              YES

LET DRUG COMPANIES SELL POISONS?    NO                                              YES

 DANGEROUS PRODUCTS?                            NO                                              YES

SAFETY OR WORKERS?                                  NO                                              YES

LACK OF MED. CARE, FOOD, SHELTER?     NO                                              YES

TAINTED FOOD?                                               NO                                              YES

 NOT PAY TAXES?                                            YES                                              NO

This is only a partial list. I could go on, but I'm sure by now, if you have half a brain,  you get my point.  If you want safety and services, you must pay for them or have them paid for by someone else.

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